About Us

Kevin and Luisa Sherman have each been doing Living History Reenactments, School and Museum Programs and touring of State and National Historic sites for over 25 years.  Luisa's experience as a former Executive Director of a large regional chamber of commerce allows her the knowledge and skill to plan great itineraries and unique visits--far beyond what you find in a national guide book.

Each of them has devoted thousands of hours to research and study around the life, people and military history of our country.  As Living Historians, they pride themselves on helping the general public more fully understand what it was like to live 250 years ago.

From our nation's first "super highways--the lakes" to the Role of women in the Revolutionary War, Kevin and Luisa pride themselves on making history come alive for their customers.

No longer are you relegated to simply walk through a museum or historic battlefield and wonder what went on or how the people living so long ago endured such hardships.  Kevin and Luisa
shed more than light on the subject by retelling factual accounts, wearing and explaining about their period clothing and having you walk the actual paths of history with them!

Upper Canada Village, Ontario



Lake George Village "Waterways of War Tour" culminates at the "Secret Echo Spot"!
                                                 Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA